Life is Blue - A Theme Collaboration with Pauline Putt by

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I had the chance this week to do another super fun collaboration with a fellow Lensbaby lover, the talented Pauline Putt. She never ceases to amaze with her creativity and inspiration. This week, we decided on another color theme, but instead of "yellow", we went with "blue".

So, I grabbed my Nikon with Lensbaby Sweet 35 attached before I left the house this morning with the intention of getting my four shots, and it was amazing how many objects pop out at you when you're looking for something specific. Can't tell you how many U-Turns I made today.

Lensbaby Sweet 35 Collage by Sarah Williams

Pauline got her images together yesterday (she was more on the ball than I was), and she told me how that day everything she saw was "blue"!
Lensbaby Velvet 56 Collage by Pauline Putt

This was another fantastic collaboration, and I find that it really helps to keep me motivated to do these collaborations. I suggest that you guys all find a friend or two, choose a theme and a deadline and get a collaboration together!

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Love them all !
Sarah Williams Pauline Putt These are so super fantastic I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Seriously guys, I am looking forward to the other colours!
this is FUN FUN FUN!!!! more so because I have a friend that is equally into "passionate-photography" :) thanks Sarah !!!