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Our mission is to form a community of photographers connecting on a personal level and sharing art in a safe and friendly environment.

Administrators and Editors

Scott Smith (co-founder)

I'm a photographer from Denver, Colorado. I have always had a passion for shooting, starting out with a 110 film camera in the 70's and 80's, constantly asking my parents to buy more film. I graduated to an SLR in 1987 and have shooting every since.

I am also a web application architect, in this industry for over 20 years now and enjoy what I do very much. As the developer and webmaster of the ...

Sarah Williams (co-founder)

Sarah Williams makes her home on the Central Coast of California. She primarily shoots events, with a specialization in horse shows and photojournalistic photography. Sarah's efforts in fine art photography have been nurtured over the last two years, with a focus on local landscapes, macro, long exposure, black and white, still life and other artistic endeavors; she has had several gallery showi...

Janey (editor)

Hiya, my name is Jan Silversides. I actively pursued photography roughly over 5 years ago. It's been a natural order of progression, this journey. I feel that it's what was I was destined to be...a photographer. My actual first paying job was such a learning experience, not a true horror story, in a sense where as other might have experienced but the how-tos, the what to expects...well, I digress...

Kerry Foster Brown (editor)

Hi, I am from Virginia and I shoot flowers, wildlife, equine and landscapes mostly. I love to travel to beautiful places and take pictures.


Lorren Sellars (moderator)

Hi, I'm Lorren from the North East of England.

Studying Documentary Photography at University of South Wales.
I've only been behind a camera for 2 years so I'm like the baby of this team.
I specialise in experimental processes - particularly Photogenic Alchemy or Filmchemy and other analogue processes such as pinhole cameras. Alongside this I also shoot at gigs and concerts in my area which...

Steve Holland (moderator)

Lets see I am a fairly new photographer been shooting now for just over nine months. I live in Florida a place I find that has some really great places to shoot

Jennifer Morton (moderator)

Hi there, my name's Jennifer, although my nickname's range from Smiley to Percy (Sugden) or Hilda (Ogden) coz of my broad accent. I'm a full-time mum to my son & daughter, Apollo & Phoenix. I'm Lancashire born and bred, in the north of England and very proud of it!
I've always loved taking photos, my parents must have regretted getting me a 35mm camera when I was younger, when after every holiday...

Neil Bugge (moderator)

Hi, I'm Neil, living in West Yorkshire UK. I mainly shoot weddings, events, dance and sports but I also love the nature and landscape side of it all.
I've been doing dance shows and sports etc. for the last 7 years and weddings around 4 years.
Originally started shooting with Olympus until I moved onto Nikon.

That's enough of me waffling on, time to go and enjoy the rest of the site and imag...

StirlingR (moderator)

Nothing spectacular here. I've been taking photos since joining a high school photo club in Japan in 1955 (yes, I'm one of those old farts). I'm strictly an amateur, just trying to keep young by continuing to learn, both by being in groups like this, by reading, by going to workshops and by trying new stuff. I am quite eclectic about what I shoot, as you can find out by a quick glance at my SmugMu...

Cathy Metzinger (moderator)

Hello, everyone! I grew up in WI but have lived in several different states, as far east as Massachusetts, south in North Carolina, and west in Arizona. Can't say that I've 'settled down' but I am back home in WI... for now! I have seriously gotten into photography over the past several years but have always had a love for it. I really enjoy shooting landscapes, nature, and architecture; especial...

Sarah Shinners (moderator)

I am a born and raised Oregonian now living in South Carolina, photography has always been a great passion of mine. My photography is honest, kind, at times humorous and always done with passion. I'm a proud mom to four children and my nephew and a beautiful 5 month old grandson, I am also a business owner and artist.
My love for photography really went int...

Jade Lyf (moderator)

Photography is my therapy, my passion, not to mention a lot of fun... and my dream ever since I was old enough to work a camera is to just get ONE SHOT featured by National Geographic. I used to sit around and cut out all the photographs in the NG magazines and put them all up on my walls, while most girls my age covered their ceilings with celebrities mine was always covered with spectacular pho...

Elissa Desroches Carr (moderator)

I hail from Southeastern, Massachusetts. Not to sound cliche, but I really have always had a love for photography. At a young age I received a Polaroid camera and it was clear that I had an eye even with that! I then graduated to a clunky 'floppy disk' digital camera, then steadily moved up the ranks with a finicky Olympus digital. My mother often used me as her travel around photographer when she...

Peter Morley (moderator)

I don't claim to be photographer as such, but I just love to take photographs. I started my days (like many) using 35mm and with a mechanical Olympus OM series camera. I can just remember 110mm cartridges but let's not go there.

Living in Matlock, on the edge of the Peak District, I'm lucky to be surrounded by landscapes and scenery but I don't have any particular biase and I'll have...