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Looking across the art deco, upper decks of the #CoralPrincess Atrium. At bottom is a white, grand piano used most afternoons by Igor for tea time relaxation.
The blue circle on the far side marks the starboard side of the on board Internet Cafe. the next lower deck is the Churchill Lounge, the on board cigar and smokers' bar. The perfume, make up and jewelry shop are just above the grand piano.
Ships' decorator made heavy use of natural woods and brass/golden accents for throwback ambiance of the Atrium. On the left, a pair of elevators move passengers between deck in addition to paired stair arches between decks. At top of image is a stylized sky with mirrored ceiling backlit by star-like individual lights. Just below this star field on the left is an abstract ship's prow moving through a sea of anemones and fan coral above a white cascade of lights

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