The Masks We Wear by

Posted in Experimental and Abstract

we wear them like the Renaissance -
adornments of the past, jewels
to cover eyes that no longer see truth,
I have been misguided, misjudged, mishandled,
my words have been lacquered like doll's eyes
- painted into memory -

and I disguise myself with them,
puffed sleeved dresses, square necked,
scarlet trimmed, broach garnished garishness,
all a facade to become someone different
so that I might paint myself into the fancy eyes
of someone who can truly understand I am more
- than stone -

Tagged With: #lensbaby, #mask, #abstract, #eye, #darkness

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The fascination of a mask, dark and mysterious in itself? hiding something in the wearer? or just for fun.. Lovely composition and focus