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Posted to Children about 675 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Posted to Wildlife about 1061 days ago, 1 comment(s)
In case its not obvious, I am an animal lover. I have adopted/rescued 3 guinea pigs, 2 cats and 1 dog so far. My goal is to use my photography skills to help shelter animals find their forever homes. This little girl was one adoptee. She loved chirping for more food.
Posted to Pet Photography about 1197 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Meet the strangest creatures in the cornfield at dusk.
Posted to Just For Fun about 1211 days ago, 3 comment(s)
Its snowing today. It reminded me of the time my dogs had to play in the snow when it was -30F outside.
Posted to Pet Photography about 1280 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Our little rescue, Sammy the Golden Retriever
Posted to Pet Photography about 1295 days ago, 0 comment(s)
<3 Before he stomped on it
Posted to Children about 1297 days ago, 0 comment(s)
What a cutie!
Posted to Black and White about 1331 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Just standing here... with my car. In this puddle.
What's Dad doing?
Posted to Children about 1342 days ago, 0 comment(s)
A quick re-edit of a composite made SUPER lazily early this year while my son slept in my lap. This series was taken just after he learned he could run.
It could use some more work at a later date. Blending and such... But it makes me smile so I thought for no other reason that made it worth sharing.
Posted to Children about 1347 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Posted to Pet Photography about 1349 days ago, 0 comment(s)
My baby sister and her furbaby Blu. Blu says "Maahm... Sthaap"
Posted to Candid about 1350 days ago, 0 comment(s)
His very first icecream cone and he's sharing with his father. My son is a sweet sweet boy.
Posted to Candid about 1356 days ago, 0 comment(s)
I am too cool
Posted to Pets and Domestic Animals about 1403 days ago, 0 comment(s)
My silly bb boy waking up from his nap in the stroller this winter. One of my alltime fav. shots.
Posted to Candid about 1412 days ago, 0 comment(s)