BlueIsForWaterRunUnderTheStreets by

Posted in Experimental and Abstract

It's the little things. It's all about perspective.
Walnut shells from hungry crows and the ripening of the seasons changing. The water flows again.

Tagged With: #blue, #lb20, #lensbaby20, #lyfisgrand, #wpc fall treasure hunt

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Sarah Williams I did enter it.
I always find with these kinds of shots that I love them as they are and everyone who offers CC will say the same things. Maybe i amjust bullheaded. , the negative space was put there purposefully. I tried to offset it a little from the horizon but I didn't want too much I was trying to give the impression of "The ground" This is hard with LB so it might not have actually achieved it. I cropped it and didn't like it as much and the colour shift is why I didn't just delete this photo because the shot didn't look how I thought it would (learning curve) Maybe I will save two copies. My husband said he prefered the one with the larger negative space for viewing in smaller format but if it was a large print he would like to see it cropped and so you're both right there, I literally forgot about the "big picture"

Thank you for the input.
Great concept and color (did you enter the cities in color challenge with this one?). My suggestion would be to crop this one a bit and remove some of the top gray portion. Put the focus on the "WATER", and try to get away from the complete color shift mid shot or on the horizon line. I think that would completely change the visual impact of this shot :)