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I was out walking this week with my husband and my son, at the trail we go to to show Orson the cows (which he loves) and on the way back from seeing the cows Orson and I were playing and I had turned my camera off but was wearing it, and chatting with my son about leaves and rocks and the snail shell Todd had just found for him. I looked up and saw Todd had bent down a small maple tree (they are like rubber) and before I could even think he had let it go and when the tree snapped up all the leaves stayed behind and hung in the air for a split second. It was amazing to see and would have been an incredible shot. Needless to say I missed it. But to humor me after I chided him for doing something awesome and not warning me first he saw there was one leaf left and pulled the tree down again so I could catch the single leaf before it fell. He looked as we walked for another tree small enough to bend, but it was a once in a lifetime shot and I missed it. But the image is sharp in my mind and Orson giggled and giggled.
Missed the shot, but had a moment.

Lensbaby 2.0 f2.8

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