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This teddy bear and a couple of other stuffed animals tucked inside the tree knoll was found in the knoll of a tree next to a highway. Begs the question: Is it is a memorial? Nevertheless, it is a touching and sweet image.
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Loving Springtime this year. The contrast of the strong oak and carpet of wildflowers is eye catching.
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The Central Valley Foothills are alive and well after an early rainfall, helping to relieve our 4 year drought! Bring on some spring rain now!
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It was a beautiful early spring day to find acres of mustard strutting it's stuff. Truly amazing.
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It was exciting to take a little day trip to the nearby foothills where it is almost looking like a Hallmark Christmas Card.
Posted to Landscape about 2560 days ago, 1 comment(s)
It took my breath away to be in this much loved cathedral. Just so awe inspiring. It DEMANDED respect!
Posted to Architecture about 2588 days ago, 0 comment(s)
A recent trip to San Francisco gave me the opportunity to visit Grace Cathedral. The architecture is amazing and so inspiring. #‎bwchallenge2016
Posted to Black and White about 2591 days ago, 2 comment(s)
This was such a fun find as I went down to my usual pier for the sunset, wondering how I could make it more interesting. Low and behold a sand artist had been there, meking designs in the sand that day. I felt so blessed. He left his hashtag #FRPART. I looked him up. He apparently usually does this in Santa Cruz. He wrote me back and said that his father's ashes had been scattered at Pismo Beach and that he stops by once in awhile to pay homage to him. I thought it was very special.
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It was a lovely, warm Central California Coastal evening to share the sunset with fellow photographers and a commercial film crew. The light morphed the sky from beginning to end. It was fantastic to anticipate the Christmas tree lighting as the sunset grew darker.
Posted to Sunsets about 2611 days ago, 2 comment(s)
I was pleased to get this result at our local country club on 4th of July 2015. The reflection of the fireworks and the remnants of the sunset behind give it such an awesome affect! I will have to search down the EXIF, can't believe it isn't attached to the image! UGH
Posted to National Parks and Forests about 2637 days ago, 1 comment(s)
Found a lot of great things in Nelson, Nevada, a cool ghost town not far from Las Vegas. Love the detail of this old truck. I used Photomatix for HDR processing.
Posted to Transport about 2656 days ago, 0 comment(s)
This is what says "Home" in Visalia, California. We are in the Central San Joaquin Valley, not Hollywood, no beach, but near the mountains. We love our small town feel as we grow.
EXIF - Nikon D90, f/14.0 ,ISO-125, 1/80 second, lens 28-300 @ 50mm
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I was finally able to make it up to New England during the fall. Unfortunately, they hadn't had their cold snap yet. Thank goodness, my son was able to drive me an hour north of Boston, near the border of New Hampshire. A beautiful treat, yet, patchy in fall foliage. I still feel blessed to have captured this. Makes me want more!
Posted to Autumn about 2672 days ago, 2 comment(s)
These pollen laden bees couldn't escape my lens!
Posted to Nature about 2695 days ago, 2 comment(s)
Nikon D600, f/18, ISO500, 10/4000
This was taken in Feb, 2014 in the last of the dismal snowfall. We are hoping for much greater snowfall in California next winter. Made for an easy shoot though.
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Posted to Landscape about 2744 days ago, 2 comment(s)
3 year old Granddaughter, Gracie, loved dressing up as a princess at our local children's museum. She is adoring herself in the mirror! Yes, I know the focus could be better, but I like the feel of the image anyway!
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My 2 year old grandson, Max, has the most beautiful curly locks and luscious eyelashes. He will be a heartbreaker!
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It was a fantastic runaway day to the nearby Sequoia National Park. Little did I know a storm would roll in, changing the lighting and mood of the day and the resulting images.
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Watched the California Storm roll in while at Sequoia National Park. I love that you can see the rain in the distance and the layers of mountain ranges. The sky opened up and dumped on our way down the hill!(image)
Posted to Weather about 2758 days ago, 1 comment(s)