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A beautiful sunset over the Susquehanna valley York pa.Sam Lewis state park ! The colors were just so strong it looked like fire! 6-4-2013
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This photograph took me about 2 years to make.When I first saw this tree it was mid summer 2 years earlier. I knew It would be a good photo opp some day with the right conditions. So every once in a while I would take a hour drive to Maryland on my way to a cool water fall and check this dead tree and the conditions! On this day they were right on! Slow moving clouds clear no humidity just enough breeze to blow the corn that was just about ready for harvesting .
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While touring the snow damage of 2014 in York Pa. I spotted this cold and lonely bench .
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Spending most of my life In AZ. and FL. I did not get to see much of the four seasons! Moved to York Pa. that took care of that! This is a Photo I made from Flinchbaugh orchards fall pick your own pumpkin ! I had never seen anything like this! It was all amazing the colors,the smells the nice weather! I posted this photo on there facebook page and they ended up using it for there FB poster...Cool!
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While hiking along the Mason Dixon trail in York Pa. In the beginning of spring I came across this reminder of the past fall!
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This is a flower shot i made at the beginning of spring 2013 in a floral shop in York PA. Lighting was great,the colors popped like fireworks on the 4th of July.!
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The Mason Dixon trail on a back road in York pa. This trail leads to the Susquehanna river ! In the winter in between snow falls !
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A back road mostly used for hunting that the Mason-Dixon trail runs through in York PA.Surrounded by corn fields and flanked on one side by The Susquehanna river!The silence is golden!
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This is Falling Branch AKA Kilgore falls. located in Rock state park in Maryland!The hike to the 2nd highest free falling waterfall in the state is probably one of the easiest hikes i have ever done.less than a mile and well worth every step! Be careful in winter the trail does ice over! This is a fall that cane and should be enjoyed every season!
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This is Devil's Den in historic Gettysburg Pennsylvania! I was not intending to stop here on this day but as the sun rose above the clouds beams of light came popping through shining down on this historic place of battle when two sides clashed for three days July 1 -july 3 1863 leaving 51,000 brave soldiers dead! As I photographed the light I could not help but think how the sun might be warming the souls of the deceased .
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An old farm house in Lopez Pa! This farm house was tucked deep in the country found this totally by accident! The colors of fall were definitely calling to be photographed!
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