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Altamont Pass Wind Farm in California. The nation's first wind farm. I had to pull over and photograph the beautiful golden rolling hills with the back drop of the blue sky.
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Altamont Pass Wind Farm in California. The nation's first wind farm. I had to pull over and photograph the beautiful golden rolling hills with the back drop of the blue sky.
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"Learning to Fly" One of two gargoyle statues that sit atop the three story Iron Bird Lofts in the Mural District of Downtown Fresno. The sculptures have drawn both praise and criticism. I'm a fan.
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"Golden Reflection" My first visit to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California. It was originally constructed as part of the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. The size of the columns and rotunda are massive and beautiful.
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"The Grandeur of Yosemite" I had the opportunity to take my cousin to Yosemite for the first time while he was visiting me from Mexico. He stated that it is the most beautiful place that he has ever seen and was blown away with the grandeur of Yosemite. It's awesome to see someone experience Yosemite for the first time.
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"Strength and Beauty" After the sun sets, night brings on it's own beauty. Location: San Francisco, California
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The Old Fresno Water Tower was built in 1894 by the renowned architect George Washington Maher.
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Located south of the City of Kingsburg, CA in the tiny town of Traver, is Bravo Farms. It is always a place that catches your eye as you drive past on HWY 99, but are always in a hurry to get to your destination. I had to stop and get gas, so it was the perfect time to explore. To my surprise, it truly is a "Wonderland of Imagination" with a slant to vintage California/Central Valley Americana. One cannot stop exploring the amazing setting full of antiques, food, snacks, sights and sounds. There is also an impressive tree house that children can explore.

There is a new barn on the site that was locked but had openings in windows. The interior seemed to be a place that houses antiques that are yet to be placed in one of the settings of Bravo Farms. The main focal point is a large American Flag at the rear of the barn hanging prominently for all see. The time of day was perfect for the natural light to highlight the flag and add to the scene on the objects contained within. It was through a small window, of only a few inches, that I was able to take this photo. The environment was full of items from times past and a feast for the eyes. I a glad that I finally stopped and actually explored.
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We had to drive to my hometown of Squaw Valley, CA. While there we noticed the surrounding mountains full of snow. We drove about 10 mins and came upon this area. He had never seen falling snow before. This photo perfectly captured the moment.
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Blue Oaks from a Foothill Woodland area of California's Fresno County.
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University High School located on the campus of California State University, Fresno. Since its completion in 2012, the design of the school has received seven major awards for its architecture.
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Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, California built in 1913. It spans 1,486 feet and is notable for its distinctive Beaux Arts arches, light standards, and railings.
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My first attempt at long exposure.
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"I sang of leaves, of leaves of gold, and leaves of gold there grew." -J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings. California Black Oak leaf located the the Big Stump Trail in Kings Canyon National Park.
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Wawona Tunnel is the longest highway tunnel in the state of California (length is 4,233 ft). It is one of three main roads which provide access to Yosemite Valley. The tunnel exits to one of the most stunning and most photographed views of Yosemite.
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An "orchard of gold" from the Central Valley of California. The photo was taken between the towns of Sanger and Reedley which are located in Fresno County. Agriculture is the main industry of the Central Valley and stands in stark contrast to the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. In 2014, Fresno County surpassed $7 Billion mark in gross value of all agricultural based commodities. Almonds, grapes, poultry and milk lead the agricultural values. In total Fresno County is home to 1.88 million acres of fertile farmland. Not only are the orchards beautiful during the fall, but are in full bloom during the spring.
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Earlier this week I decided to take a trip to Sequoia National Park in California. I grew up close to both Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and visited both parks several times a year. I picked a day in which the weather was unfortunately not the best for driving. But I was able to capture a this shot (edited with Lightroom CC).

Grant's Grove is host to a large grove of Giant Sequoias and each year millions of visitors from all over the world travel to see one of natures true wonders.
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CALA GALA : Arte Americas 25th Annual Dia De Los Muertos Celebration held in Downtown Fresno, California. Fresno is home to a large population of Mexican Americans which bring rich cultural celebrations from Mexico to the Central Valley of California. Dia De Los Muertos is a beautiful and colorful celebration that honors family members who have passed.

This picture was taken during the Candlelight Procession from Peeve' Public House in the Fulton Mall to Arte Americas. The trio were part of the Folklorico dancers that performed in front of Peeves.

It was an evening filled with Ballet Folklorico, painted faces, food, art and music.
📷 ISO 6400 32mm f/4.5 1/50sec
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Coulrophobia [kool-ruh-foh-bee-uh]
1. an abnormal fear of clowns.
Nightmare Theater Haunt-Fresno, CA

Makeup: Mike Needham
Scare Actor: Brendan O'Connell

📷ISO 6400 29mm f/4.0 1/25sec

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Circus Et Cetera performer at Hobb's Grove Haunt in Sanger, CA.
📷 f/4 1/40sec ISO 320 28mm
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