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My great niece Tisha. She is a wild child with a thrill seeking side on the left and a fearless side on the right! At age 5 she performed an original song and her own dance she made up, I have it on video. Very cute! This kid has boundless energy, I wish I did lol! This was taken at a park in Spokane Washington where we had a family picnic. Tish was running thru the water park to keep cool so I snagged this photo.
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I happened to be in right place when this little jumping spider decided he was gonna eat and I wasn't gonna stop him! This fly landed and the spider pounced from about 5 inches away, ka pow the fly is down for the count. But....the spider is right in the middle of my linoleum floor. Haha, he was so small he couldn't pull the fly, four legs going like hell backwards and he's going nowhere. So then he stops, I could tell he was thinking about option B, like taking me out so he could eat in peace. lol. As I moved around the spider and fly, a circle, he was eating as fast as he could and turning with me, always keeping his head toward me. Little guy had the heart of superman and he WAS NOT leaving his food behind. I finally left and let him finish his prize.
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I live in Montana, the closest major city is over 200 miles away in Spokane, Wa. I had been to Spokane and on the way back it was getting late when I came along the shores of lake Pend Orielle. A beautiful, wild place and the deepest lake in the continental 48. It's in Idaho, and there are several marina towns along the road as boating is a regular sport in the lake. Just as I passed a town named "hope, Id." within just a couple of miles I passed thru the town of "beyond hope, Id." No kidding. The sun had gone down and left absolutely gorgeous colors subtly playing chase across the sky. With almost no wind I couldn't resist taking some long exposures while battling the hoard of native mosquitoes who obviously thought I was trespassing. This is just one of the photos I took that evening; I shot until almost dark. Canon 7d, 24-105 L lens, b & h polariser topped with an AFGA polariser to mix the polarisation effects, no flash, Neweer radio controlled sync control to the camera for taking the final shot from my car; when I was hiding from the inch long mosquitoes, at least that is how I remember them.
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