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Posted to Landscape about 1375 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Posted to Children about 1378 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Children love easily.
Children covet little crushes.

Children break each-others hearts 1000 times before adolescence...

Children, leave their loves in the playground after dark.
Posted to Children about 1417 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Empty playgrounds,
Always an eerie sight,
Echos of squealing children,
ghosts of fun had in summer sunlight
travelling through the autumn mists
Posted to Autumn about 1468 days ago, 0 comment(s)
On the playgrounds of my childhood,
there were slivers and pinched fingers,
there were few safety rails and nothing
was coated with anything called
"Non slip" because
Kids slip, kids slide, kids fall, kids bleed...
but play all day regardless
Children navigate their lives.
In the age of "safety" overhauling,
helicopter parenting, hovering over afraid...
We teach our children to worry, fret, and fear.

Here's to the pinched fingers of the past.
Posted to Shoot All about 1474 days ago, 0 comment(s)