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Hello, all!
Once again, I've had the privilege to "sit down"( virtually) and have a chat with one of the members of our illustrious group. This time, it's our Raymond McBride.
He shoots beautiful landscapes and seascapes.

Let's get to know what makes Ray tick, shall we?
All righty, then.
Raymond Mcbride:
Aged 60, ex semi professional footballer. My highlight was playing at Wembly in the 1986 FA Trophy final, also a keep carp angler. Born in Bromborough, North West England.

1. What first sparked your interest in photography?
My first interest in photography was at a family wedding, I watched the photographer like a hawk all day, but it wasn't the type of photography i pursued.
2. What was your "Ah Ha" moment when you knew photography was the right path for you?
A true saying is your first 10,000 photos are your worst,after many disappointments i entered a photo competition and came first, that' my "Ah Ha!" moment.
3. Have you always shot landscapes/seascapes or did you dabble in portraiture or other genres of photography?
I mentioned wedding photographer but never pursued that genre, so yes, living so close to the sea, I have spent many a happy hour on the beach, which is the type of photography I enjoy the most.
4. Do you have a Muse? If so, who is it?
A muse is something or someone that sparks creativity, I assume. Someone I find inspirational, that would be...Joel Tjintelaar.
5. What's your favourite editing software?
A simple answer to that question, would be NIK Silver Efex Pro and Colour Efex Pro.
6. What's in your camera bag at the mo?
A Canon 5DMK3 and a 24mm canon tilt shift lens, a Canon 16-35 wide angle and a pouch full of Lee Filters.
7. Do family members get a bit annoyed when travelling with you and you have to stop to shoot an amazing image?
On my honeymoon in Rhodes, my wife got annoyed with me with my constant shooting, i had to cool it and get on with my holiday.
8. If you had the opportunity to be able to sit down with a photographer whose work you truly admire, to pick their brain...who would it be? Living or deceased.
Professional American Photographer, Bryan Peterson.
9. What are your current goals in photography?
Would love to do 1-2-1 workshops on my own, I feel I have lots to give regarding teaching this wonderful hobby. I do assist a Professional Preston- based Landscape Photographer called Melvin Nicholson, he does workshops around the North West, he likes my style of photography and was very pleased when I got the call, it's what I doing, I must be doing something right.
10. What's on your wish list for camera gear?
I have everything i want, I'm not one for upgrading for the sake of it, buying a better camera doesn't make you a better photographer.
11. Have any amusing tales to tell about any shoots you've gone on?
I wouldn't say it was amusing to me, but photographing seascapes can be tricky, if you don't proceed with caution. I was on Crosby Beach, last year and the tide was coming in quite rapidly. I wanted a certain shot with some foreground rocks in the shot, not knowing, I was about to stand in quicksand, one leg up to my knee. I turned and stepped back and the other went the same! I got out without my wellingtons but camera and gear in tact, a hasty retreat off the beach and a drive home in my bare feet covered in oily sand and mud!
12. What's the best advice that you were given when first starting out as a photographer?
Best advice: don't give up, practice and stay off Auto mode.
13. Are you self-taught or have you taken any courses/classes for photography?
Never had a lesson, or been on a course. Self-taught and have read lots of books and magazines on the subject.
14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I love to ask this question because I never know what response I'll get! 😋 p.s. I'm being very cheeky! 😆
I'm a bit old to be asked a question like that, but here goes...Fireman
15. How long...on the whole, does it take for you to edit one of your images.
Takes me around 30 minutes to process an image to my liking and then I may go back and do it all again.
16. What's the worst thing that has happened to you or your gear when on a shoot?
Shooting slippery concrete groynes on Moreton beach, my camera fell over on the concrete. A Canon 5DMK3, Lee 0.6 Pro Glass Filter and a 16-35 lens...the holder took most of the fall. Filter: £120, Holder: £80, Adaptor: £40 were the things I had to replace, camera and lens was OK.
17. Sarah Williams asks: " What time do you prefer to shoot? Nighttime? Daytime?
Night photography as the sun drops below the horizon and you wait for those after burn colours Magical Moment.
Lastly, what's the best advice to give someone who wants to make a go of it as a photographer?
I'm firm believer in that the photographic eye is a more powerful tool than the camera. Develop that first, then worry about new lenses cameras etc. Just keep shooting, surround yourself with people who inspire you, whether they are photographers or not, whether you are formally educated in photography or not...always keep learning.

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