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Posted to Photographer Spotlight about 2019 days ago
Hello, all!
Once again, I've had the privilege to "sit down"( virtually) and have a chat with one of the members of our illustrious group. This time, it's our Raymond McBride.
He shoots beautiful landscapes and seascapes.

Let's... (view more)
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Posted to Photographer Spotlight about 2054 days ago
I thought it was fun to "sit down" with Joey Sandoval and get a peek inside his head that I would give it a go again, this time with our very entertaining( without trying to be) Tim Clay!

Tim tells me that he is born and bred from North Eas... (view more)
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Posted to Photographer Spotlight about 2069 days ago
Welcome to Photographer Spotlight
Today featured photographer....Joey Onyxone Sandoval
Joey is an astrophotographer out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

So, my first question is when did you first become interested in astrophotograp... (view more)
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