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In town some regulars call this place "Crack on a Spoon" because the delicious coffee keeps everyone coming back!
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You're right sarah, I am still not used to the crop from the LB what's visible in my viiewfinder isn't what's getting shot sometimes so that was dissapointing... I might have tried cropping further into the cup on the left and that might have helped.
Looks so tasty right about now...great color and tones, and you have a good bit of detail there in the top of the shot. I think if you would have gone slightly wider to get the entire cup into the frame, the detail in the top portion would have been more obvious when looking. Love the tilt stretch created at the bottom of the shot, but that you can still read "coffee". :)
Janey Thanks! THe mobile ones are really cool!
@jade...great shot! The lensbaby is such a cool lens! Can't wait to get mine for mobile.