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This is HMS Belfast which is moored on the River Thames and operated by the Imperial War Museum. Tower Bridge can be seen in the background to the right.
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Everybody's goin' nowhere slowly
They're only fighting for the chance to be last
There's nothin' wrong with goin' nowhere, baby
But we should be goin' nowhere fast
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Pic #3, the final shot of this lovely eagle as it came right at me. It veered away and across the field behind me at the last second.
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Saw this little dude at Cefn Onn Park in Wales...he secretly knew i was taking photos and decided to pose :)
Posted to Wildlife about 1403 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Does anyone else like the tone of this picture? it was a slightly cold evening in Quito/ Ecuador and I caught this Humming Bird mid-flight. Deciding on this shade of colour due to the atmosphere of the city and the way I felt (Which was a huge sense of distance from home and a new world)
Posted to Nature about 1409 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Well this little guy decided to take a break from flying around, and without him knowing it...I was there waiting with my camera, no bird escapes!

Sadly my original RAW photo is buried somewhere in my hard drive so upon request I will find it!
Posted to Wildlife about 1411 days ago, 0 comment(s)
This guy was pretty cool to capture out in Ecuador, as his feathers were like sequins, and they were of a very cold tone, he was amoung the fastest to capture and certainly put up a challenge
Posted to Wildlife about 1413 days ago, 1 comment(s)
What's nicer to see in the jungle then the insects having a little catch-up? journeying through the leaves and vegetation to discover that these little guys have taken the time out of their day to relax and enjoy some time together - for the people who are less interested in this manifested story another interesting part about this photo is the transparent wings! a few locals called these butterflies the "Glass-winged butterflies" because you can see right into the background right behind them...not sure if the other insects of the forest minded their little catch up, as I'm sure they were probably being watched.. :)
Posted to Nature about 1413 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Okay before anyone asks...this is at a bird show in Ecuador, if that makes the photo a little less impressive then I myself for not having a long enough lens to capture the a wild one! but I thought that this pose for the bird is quite an iconic american image if you think about it ... hope you do.
Posted to Wildlife about 1414 days ago, 0 comment(s)
During my time in the Amazon (And even before I went) my aim was to capture a Humming Bird on camera, so when I arrived at the cloud forest and saw millions of them I thought this would be the easiest task ever...I was wrong, as these guys wouldn't sit still! always moving faster then a squirrel on coffee! eventually having my camera mounted on the tripod with my 300mm lens sat still looking at one place...a Humming bird landed right on the branch I was looking at, I had exactly less than a second to click the shutter before it would fly this was a lucky shot that for-filled my aim for the holiday.
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good morning sunshine :D
Lensbaby V56... breakfast bagel and coffee.
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A pretty little breakfast...
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A quick shot while having coffee this morning on the deck. This robin was searching for the three babies in tree out front.

A tiny bit of saturation/vibrance/sharpening done in Lightroom.

Canon 5DMkIII, Canon 100-400 f/4-5.6L
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