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Posted to Anything Goes (Almost) about 2934 days ago
I don't know what everyone here is capable of, but I do know that many of you are capable of a lot. That being said, have any of you ever attempted green screen work, or photo composites using all or partly your own photos? Even though I had no idea ... (view more)
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Posted to Anything Goes (Almost) about 2949 days ago
Hi everyone,
I have seen some fantastic Waterfall shots going up, I have been wracking my brain on the correct way to shoot these, can anyone offer some advice on capturing the perfect shot ?
I am so used to dynamic action shots that I have... (view more)
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Posted to Anything Goes (Almost) about 2988 days ago
That title grabbed your attention, didn't it. Lol! How does one capture a celebrity.? Well, it depends really on who the celeb is and whether they're an " A-Lister" or they're further down the food chain. Also how much abuse are you willing to take?... (view more)
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