Jack Frost has finally visited! by

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I was so excited to wake up to a crisp and frosty Winter's morning, particularly as it was the weekend so I could go out and have some fun. I was focusing so hard, I didn't even realise my bare toes were on the frost. They don't appear to have gone black....yet. :)
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wonderful -love this!!
Thank you so much, Snowdon Curtis and Jade Lyf! *big smile*
My Moderator's choice for Sunday 17th January is 'Jack Frost has Finally Visited' by Limes Wright ... for me the image has such a mixture of the substantial and insubstantial ... ice and sunshine ... and the lens flare just adds the final magic ... Congratulations Limes Wright
This is wonderful Limes!
Beautiful images .. great ice detail and superb light and colour details Limes Wright