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Posted to Just For Fun about 2244 days ago, 0 comment(s)
I see a climbing man on the branch.
This service berry tree was shocked by near zero temperatures and champagne powder snowfall. 1st frost was over 4 months ago, however, most of the days have been unseasonably warm, which fooled this and many other plants into beginning their spring growth.
Posted to Floral and Fauna about 2267 days ago, 0 comment(s)
This was such an amazing place!! It is one that you have to experience for yourself. There are just not words.. other than surreal.. to describe this place!! From the crunching of the crampons on the ice, to the huge crevasses.. there is just nothing like it!! It is 4 miles wide, and 27 miles long! It moves a foot and a half every day, and you can hear it moving, and calving in the distance.
Posted to Landscape about 2394 days ago, 0 comment(s)
This is the Milkyway over Mount Shuksan on Picture lake. We had started at the top of Baker, but quickly realized that the Milkyway would be almost directly over the mountain. We grabed our gear and headed to the lake. There were a few clouds surounding the mountain. We decided to wait it out, and eventually the clouds began to clear. As I stood there looking around, all I could see was the darkness of the night. It was so quite, the only thing you heard was silence. It almost gave me an erry feeling being out there. But it was also so peaceful. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to get the shot, we foreget to enjoy the moment. So, next time you are out shooting at night.. take a moment and listen to the night.
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Posted to Sand and Sea about 2579 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Took this whilst taking a walk in one of the Parks in Wales - Every season has its good times
Posted to Nature about 2590 days ago, 0 comment(s)
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Taken at Slimbridge Wetlands Trust
Posted to Wildlife about 2615 days ago, 2 comment(s)
Not the greatest photo, but, the look on my daughter's face says it all... SLEDGING IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted to Candid about 2622 days ago, 1 comment(s)
I was so excited to wake up to a crisp and frosty Winter's morning, particularly as it was the weekend so I could go out and have some fun. I was focusing so hard, I didn't even realise my bare toes were on the frost. They don't appear to have gone black....yet. :)
Posted to Nature about 2623 days ago, 5 comment(s)
Posted to Experimental and Abstract about 2645 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Out of all the Mountains in the PNW, this one means the most. I have a special connection with Mount Hood. Every time I see this Mountain, I am reminded of my grandfather. During his summers, he spent many lonely days and nights watching for fires keeping it safe from harm. Also as a young man, he even climbed this mountain a few times. I never really understood his love for it. Because to me, it was just another mountain. But now after exploring and photographing it, I understand its magic, and his love for it. It will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Posted to Landscape about 2652 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Holding out in the cold of the morning.
Posted to Floral and Fauna about 2652 days ago, 2 comment(s)
particularly fond of the tones in this image
Posted to Floral and Fauna about 2653 days ago, 0 comment(s)
During the Thanksgiving weekend, my brother and I decided to do the "opt out" thing. Instead of hitting the Malls, we went hiking. It was a windy and bitter cold day, but the hike in wasn't too bad. Once we got there, I did not feel the cold any more. I was too busy being in the moment. The thing that made this hike even more special, was I was able to hike with my brother. He lives in Denver, and is also a Photographer, so this was a real treat for me.
Posted to Landscape about 2665 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Posted to Black and White about 2669 days ago, 0 comment(s)
As I wait for the sun to rise, I can feel how cold it was around 11 C .. We never get this weather in the City that is why I always love going up in the mountains to feel that cool weather.. :)
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Posted to Just For Fun about 2680 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Normally this isn't my typical style of work, but I wanted to try something different. I was in the creative mood. This image was taken in Florence Oregon. We had gotten up early to catch a sunrise. But were instead, met with foggy and dark morning. I think that the fog, actually adds to the mood of the image.
Posted to Landscape about 2693 days ago, 0 comment(s)
While touring the snow damage of 2014 in York Pa. I spotted this cold and lonely bench .
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Posted to Landscape about 2713 days ago, 0 comment(s)
A very cold scene from the Dog Park in Calgary Alberta
Posted to Landscape about 2716 days ago, 0 comment(s)
I take my dogs out every day and I've been taking my camera with me. I came across this scene and had to hurry to get it before the dogs ran into it to see what was so interesting.
Posted to Landscape about 2716 days ago, 0 comment(s)
Exposure: 0.5 Sec; f/14; ISO 100; Manual; Pattern Metering, Canon EOS 7D
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Posted to Street Photography about 2783 days ago, 1 comment(s)
Puddles forming quickly.
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My silly bb boy waking up from his nap in the stroller this winter. One of my alltime fav. shots.
Posted to Candid about 2811 days ago, 0 comment(s)
7am on a very cold River Tees, UK
Posted to Landscape about 2862 days ago, 1 comment(s)