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So you plan a shot, you've thought about for ages. Staying on a small island called the Calf of Man, helping with Voluntary work. Night time shot, M, tripod, headlight, redlight, remote etc..Full Moon ordered, and it came out from behind a bank of clouds at just the right time. Unfortunately, because of the exposed nature of lighthouses it was extremely windy. Had to put my weight on the tripod to hold steady. Despite that, the stars do look a tad blurred. I know this is not a perfect picture, but good practice, in pitch darkness. Nothing is ever perfect :)
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But are we all lost stars
Trying to light up the dark?
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After hearing reports about the flowers blooming on St Helens, a few of my friends and I decided to head up.. The night was so clear and beautiful, it was the perfect evening
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Before I was able to make this picture, I was hiking for 45 minutes, with a 150m (50ft) height difference.
On this shot you're looking over the south area of Lake Garda, with Garda (the village) in the middle
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This is the Milkyway over Mount Shuksan on Picture lake. We had started at the top of Baker, but quickly realized that the Milkyway would be almost directly over the mountain. We grabed our gear and headed to the lake. There were a few clouds surounding the mountain. We decided to wait it out, and eventually the clouds began to clear. As I stood there looking around, all I could see was the darkness of the night. It was so quite, the only thing you heard was silence. It almost gave me an erry feeling being out there. But it was also so peaceful. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to get the shot, we foreget to enjoy the moment. So, next time you are out shooting at night.. take a moment and listen to the night.
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This was taken at Sparks Lake, Oregon. It was the most beautiful night I had seen in a while. There was not a cloud in the sky, and there seemed to be a million stars out. As we stood on the rocks, we noticed a campfire across the way. I thought to myself, what a beautiful night to be camping beneath the stars. Their fire seemed to make the trees glow with a brilliant orange. What an incredible night this turned out to be. We were even blessed to see the longest shooting start we had ever seeen. It was the perfect evening!!
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surprisingly those lights behind are stars! well I thought it was pretty cool - taken with Nikon D3300 35mm 1.8 :)
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The view from Thornhill in Cardiff/Wales at night, very tranquil and somewhat lonely place to relax
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The Auroras put on a show last night. It was cold up on that mountain, but so worth it. Elk were still bugling in the distance. Taken in Central Washington State.

Frost is but slender weeks away,
Tonight the sunset glow will stay,
Swing to the north and burn up higher
And Northern Lights wall earth with fire.
Nothing is lost yet, nothing broken,
And yet the cold blue word is spoken:
Say goodbye to the sun.
The days of love and leaves are done.
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This was 360 30 second shots combined using startrails program
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Please FULL SCREEN image :)
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The sight filled the northern sky; the immensity of it was scarcely conceivable. As if from Heaven itself, great curtains of delicate light hung and trembled. Pale green and rose-pink, and as transparent as the most fragile fabric, and at the bottom edge a profound fiery crimson like the fires of Hell, they swung and shimmered loosely with more grace than the most skillful dancer.

PHILIP PULLMAN, The Golden Compass
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Taken at 11pm in Ecuador Cotopaxi region, first time that I have really experimented with Astro-photography, so being my first picture I was kind of impressed and the result spurred on a passion for the night sky for when I returned to Wales.
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Shuswap Lake BC

Experimenting with light graffiti. Had to express the beautiful stars on that lake.
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In Almada city, in the south side of the Tejo River, in Portugal
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Taken during a night shoot on Fuerteventura, this is the Tefia windmill lined up with a fantastic Milky Way show. The island is now a UNESCO Dark Skies destination, so the light pollution is minimal leading to the Milky Way easily being visible by the naked eye.
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Perseid meteor shower, at the Brainard Lake State Recreation Area, Colorado.

Click here to purchase prints of this image on my website.

©Scott Smith Photography
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Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 at f/2.8, ISO 2500, 25 seconds.
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